The Language Assistance Program (LAP) supports language minority students and their families transition successfully into academic studies in Wayne Township. The program follows state and federal guidelines in servicing students that are Limited English Proficient and provides families with guidance on how to support their students as they progress in the language acquisition process. View additional information regarding services provided to our EL students.

Selecciona aqui para informacion adicional sobre los servicios proveidos para nuestros estudiantes aprendiendo Ingles como segundo lenguaje (EL Learners).

Wayne Township Schools have students from countries all over the world. There are many different languages spoken among our students in the Language Assistance Program. View details.

Digital Access

Wayne offers digital access to most of the tools or applications that we use in the classroom so they can be used at home. Please follow the instructions in this document to gain access to all those resources.

MyWayne Parent Document

Parent Involvement

We gain more by working together! An important element of our program is working with parents to develop student skills.

We thank all parents who are willing to participate in activities before and after school. Students enjoy seeing the importance their parents show in getting involved with the school.

Talkingpoints App

Our LAP department uses the app Talkingpoints to send and receive messages. Feel free to download the app and join us with code 1RC66P.  This app translates your message into English for us, so feel free to type it as you can.

View Talkingpoints App download instructions.